Factors to be considered in conducting action research

While conducting action research some factors should be considered. The main factors considering in conducting action research are given below:
  1. Define the problem: Define the problem or set the goal of the concerned problem in lucid manner. The problem might be developed as a new skill or solution.
  2. Reviewing of literature: To learn or identify whether others have met similar problems or achieved related objectives, reviewing of literature is necessary. By consulting libraries, encyclopedias, journals, periodicals, published or unpublished thesis reports it might be done.
  3. Formulation of the hypothesis: The backbone of the research is the hypothesis. All the hypothesis revolves withing the hypothesis. So it should be formulated in a clear and concrete form. It should be tested and related with the research problem.
  4. Collection of data: Reliable and adequate data are collected to the problem concerned. Unnecessary data should not be collected.
  5. Analyze the data: Collected data are analyzed by using proper statistical tools.
  6. Outcomes: On the basis of the analysis of the data outcomes or result of the research is made. Evaluate the outcomes.
  7. Research report: Research report should be prepared with proper care. It includes all works of the research process. This is the most important factor of the research. So it cannot be finished with hurriedly.

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