Group Processes

Group behavior is affected by the processes that go within a work group. The process comprises the communication pattern used by members for information exchange, group decision process, conflict, interaction etc. The group process is very much important to understand and group behavior. By understanding group behaviors the behaviors can be controlled and with the help of desired behavior work can be accomplished. Group process include the following synergy:

An action of two or more substances that results in an effect that is different from the individual summation of the substances. For example, social loafing (i.e. the tendency for individuals to expend less effort when working collectively than when working individually) is a negative synergy.

Social Facilitation Effect
The tendency for performance to improve or decline in response to the presence of others, while this effect is not entirely a group's phenomenon- people can work in the presence of other and not be members of the groups. The group situation is more likely to provide the condition for social facilitation to occur.

Concept of Group Tasks
There is certain nature of task, which needs groups to perform it. Individual alone cannot perform it. Sometimes one group has to depend upon other group due to its nature. The impact of group processes on the group's performance and member satisfaction is also moderated by the tasks that the group is doing. The complexity and interdependence of task influence the group effective.

Group task can be simple or complex.

1. Simple Task:
  • Are routine wise or standardized 
  • Group's members do not need to discuss alternatives.
  • They can rely on standardized operation procedures for doing the job.
2. Complex Task:
  • Ones that tend to be novel or non-routine. 
  • The more complex the task, the more the group will benefit from discussion among members on alternative work method.
  • There is high degree of interdependence among the tasks that the group member must perform.

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