Person's Perception

Person's perception is concerned with making judgment about other. It is about how one individual perceives other individuals. The best tool used for explanations of person's perception is Kelly's Attribution Theory. It refers to the act of attributing characteristics or traits to other people. Follows the same principles as that of object perceptions:
  • Observations
  • Organizing
  • Interpretation
  • Response
  • Selection
Factors Distorting Person's Perception
A number of factor influence perception. They are:
  1. The perceiver: When an individual look at a target situation, at that time his/her behavior is carefully watched. Suppose if football game is directly broadcasted from TV, he will perceive it and show his behavior suppose if cricket is being broadcasted from TV, he will not perceive that. Similarly, people's motivation, expectation and experience also affects in his perception. 
  2. The target: The features of target determine by situation whether it is to be perceived or not. As for e.g. in a group loud people are noticeable. The major factors of target are sound, size, motion and background etc.
  3. The situations: Sometimes situation makes people perceive anything. As for example suppose, I saw a young good-looking girl age of 25 years in a cinema hall. I may notice her. But if I saw same girl at my class, I also perceive her. Here main theme is perceiver and target both are same but the situation is different.

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