Meaning of Learning

Learning is any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience. We can say that the changes in the behavior indicate that the learning has taken place and that learning is a change in behavior. The definition of learning highlights few characteristics of learning:
  1. Learning involves change. This may be good or bad from an organizational point of view. People can learn unfavorable behaviors as well as favorable behaviors.
  2. The change must be relatively permanent. Temporary changes may be only reflexive and fail to represent any learning.
  3. Learning takes place when there is change in actions. A change in an individual's thought processes or attitudes, if accompanies by no change in behaviors and would not be learning.
  4. Some form of experience is necessary for learning. This may be required directly through observation or practice or if may result from indirect experiences such as that acquired through reading. 
Factors influencing Learning
There are lots of factors that influence learning. To be more specific, the following are some;
  1. Psychological factors: The psychological factors that influence learning includes an individual's interest, values, perception, beliefs, needs and motives etc. Therefore, the organization must be familiar about individual psychological factors in order to make learning more effective. 
  2. Physiological factors: Another influencing factor of learning are human physiological difference. This includes intelligence, age, sex, and health and memory power. It is well known fact that healthy and intelligent people can learn more than dull and physically unfit people.
  3. Learning method: What are the learning principles and method followed by organization play vital role in learning. So to say, learning depends in organization fund, qualified hired resource person, two way openly communication between trainee and trainer etc. influence learning.
  4. Environmental factors: Environmental factors consist of sound and healthy organizational environment. That is, clean, bright and peaceful environment play a dominant role in learning. The major barrier for learner is noise and air pollution, massive hot weather or cold that influence for learning.
  5. Appropriate feedback system: These should be set of feedback rules to enhance learning. Some examples are, be specific, non judgmental, express your own feeling etc. With the application of these sets of effective feedback, one can learn in the organization.

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