Behavior Management/Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is the application of reinforcement theory. It is an approach to human resource management.

This approach to behavior rests on two underlying assumptions.
  1. Human behavior is seen as determined by the environment.
  2. It is subject to observable laws such as the laws of physics or chemistry etc. The behavior modification views says that behavior is a response to a combination of specific stimuli and other environmental factors such as time and previous experiences.
Successful behavior modification requires the following:
  1. Reinforces to attach consequences to desired behaviors. Most often used are praise and recognition.
  2. A careful analysis of the job to identify specific key behaviors for targeting.
  3. Careful, explicit communication to employee of what is wanted, including both behaviors and concrete, measurable goals.
  4. Concrete, continuous feedback or feedback soon after performance that workers can use to check on themselves.

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