Qualities of a Successful Leader

The qualities of a successful leader are:
  1. Intelligence: A successful leader must have above average knowledge and intelligence. Mental ability to think precisely, analyze accurately, interpret clearly and consciously are necessary to consider the problems in the right perspective.
  2. Maturity: A leader should possess a high level of emotions stability and cool temperament. He needs a high degree of tolerance.
  3. Sound Physique: Sound physical and mental health is essential to bear the burden of leadership. Sound physique includes physical stamina, nervous, energy, mental vigour and important leadership qualities.
  4. Self Confidence: The leader should have confidence in himself and a strong will power.
  5. Empathy: The leader must have the ability to see things from other’s point of view. He must respect the viewpoints and feelings of others.
  6. Foresight and Vision: He should have the capability to look forward and anticipate the events. He should have a high degree of imagination, moral courage, breadth and determination.
  7. Decisiveness: A leader must have sound judgement and the ability to take quick decisions.
  8. Human Relations Approach: A leader must have the capacity to understand people, work with them and to gain their confidence, loyalty and voluntary cooperation. He must be able to motivate people towards higher performance.
  9. Objectivity: A leader should be fair and objective in dealing with subordinates. He must be free from bias and prejudice.

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