Groups Decision Making

Decision making is the process whereby a final but best choice is made among the alternative available. Group decision making is collective decision making by group members. Group offer an excellent vehicle for performing many of the stages in the decision making process. They work for information gathering. If the group is composed of individual with diverse background, the alternatives generated should be more critical. When the final support is agreed upon there are more people in a group decision to support and implement it.

Advantages of Group Decision Making:
The group decision making offer the following advantages:
  • Compared to an individual, the groups usually have a greater knowledge, expertise, and skill base to make better decisions.
  • Larger number of members provides more perspective of the problem. As such, the narrow vision of a single perspective is avoided in making decisions.
  • With large numbers of group members, the participation also increases that helps to reach at a quality decision.
  • Following increased group participation, comprehensive of final decision arrived at is usually high.
Disadvantages of Group Decision Making:
All is not good with group decision making. It suffers from the following disadvantages:
  • Group decision making is a time consuming process.
  • Influence groups usually manipulate the group decision in a direction of their linking and interest.
  • Sometimes decisions made by the group members are simply a compromise between the various views and options offered by the group members.

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