Future Trends and Implications of Public Administration

In the Stone Age society, people stayed much the same for thousands of years, in the middle age, for a few hundred years, in the industrial revolution for ten or twenty years. But today, it is seen significant changes in our society brought about by technological advancement, social alternations, economic influences and political pressures. Since change is inevitable, change may assume a variety of forms, each with its unique problems. The new organizations of post-industrial society will be temporary which will emerged adoptive, rapidly changing, ad-hoc structure manned by members of techno-structure who owe allegiance not to the company but to the professional association. We find mob-centric managers who is in tune with high mobility between organizations to organizations. Change itself is a fact of life but it may be difficult to or edict its direction and intensity (depth) besides, there are too many forces at work to enable us to make prediction that the major changes going on in our society and then attempt to interpret with the knowledge that this is surely a many endeavor.